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We would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about our programs, what we offer, and how they are customizable to all of your dancing needs. Elite Performing Arts Academy has two main programs, our recreational program and our Academy program.


Our Recreational program is more of the hobbyist program. It is structured for the student who likes to dance, but doesn’t want to do anymore. These students typically come once a week and can pick and choose what disciplines they would like to study. The recreational program has classes for students ranging in age from 2 ½ years through the adult student.

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Our Academy program is structured for the dancer who is more serious about dancing. These students study between two and three days a week, depending on the age and level of the academy. These students are required to study all disciplines for the purpose of producing well-rounded dancers. The academies also compete in regional and national dance competitions. The academy is by audition only, but strictly for placement purposes. If the student and family are willing to make the commitment for the year, we will place them in the appropriate level or structure a new level to fit the need.

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